What is IgniteRx Medical Fitness? Bio-identical Hormone Restoration Therapy

Dr. Cindi Marquette discussing IgniteRx BHRT

Hormone restoration therapy can change the lives of both men and women by helping them feel youthful, strong, energized and sharp. IgniteRx Medical is a leading provider of Bio-identical Hormone Restoration Therapy, or BHRT. Bio-identical hormones are the derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body’s naturally produced hormones. Unlike synthetic hormones, which are developed and distributed by pharmaceutical companies and proven to cause cancer, bio-identical hormone therapy returns your body to optimal levels with no serious short or long term side effects. We can’t stop the aging process, but there’s no reason to feel old.

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What is IgniteRx Medical Fitness? Medical Services

IgniteRx Medical offices

In addition to hormone therapy, IgniteRx Medical encompasses a wide range of additional service options blending traditional and integrative medical treatments with holistic healing and alternative wellness methods. With services like Primary Care, Physical Therapy, Massage, Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetics, IV Nutraceuticals and everything in between; our facilities encompass everything necessary to help our patients sustain and long, healthy, pain free life.

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