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Cindi Marquette, MD

Bioidentical Hormone Specialist & Biote® Medical Certified Practitioner located in Temecula, CA


Cindi Marquette, MD, is a board-certified physician at IgniteRX Medical & Fitness, located in Temecula, California. She has over 30 years of experience dealing with acute illnesses and injuries. After becoming frustrated with the end results of bad lifestyles, Dr. Marquette decided to pursue wellness-based medicine instead of illness-based medicine.

An athlete by nature, Dr. Marquette enjoys many sports, especially competitive dancing. She has had the pleasure of winning two US national ballroom dance championships. After retiring from the competitive arena, she decided to start CrossFit. An immediate bond was formed. It wasn’t until she experienced several injuries and setbacks that she decided to do something proactively.

Combining this with the frustrations of traditional medicine led Dr. Marquette into the field of integrative medicine. This field of medicine, also known as anti-aging or regenerative medicine, encompasses the whole person, not just their diseases. The goal is to optimize good health and avoid bad choices to create a happy, healthy, active person.

Dr. Marquette’s goal is to treat her patients from the inside out – namely through good nutrition, optimizing hormone levels for the best possible performance, good skin care, and, of course, physical activity.

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