Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Temecula, CA

Deep tissue massages at IgniteRx Medical & Fitness in Temecula involve the application of massage therapy techniques that are used break down bands of rigid tissue that produce pain. The therapist will usually focus on specific areas, such as low back pain, muscle tension or injury recovery. During massage therapy, a therapist at our Temecula office will use their knuckles, elbows and or hands.

At IgniteRx Medical & Fitness, our massage therapists are in tune with the intricacies of the muscular system and use that knowledge to further the physical wellbeing of our Temecula clients.

Following Massage Therapy, What to Expect in Temecula

Following a deep tissue massage, you can expect to feel some soreness, as a little discomfort is completely normal. Massage therapists in Temecula will inform you that the stiff and sore feeling should dissipate within a day. Be sure to drink plenty of water to flush out metabolic waste present in your system after undergoing massage therapy. If you have any persistent pain after a deep tissue massage, an IgniteRx Medical & Fitness massage therapist in Temecula will talk with you regarding any questions or concerns that you may have.

The Mechanics of a Deep Tissue Massage in Temecula

IgniteRx Medical & Fitness’s practitioners in Temecula perform deep tissue massages by applying pressure with slow strokes that reach muscles and connective tissues. This type of massage is recommended if you have low back pain, a stiff neck or pain in the shoulders. A deep tissue massage given by the IgniteRx Medical & Fitness skilled massage therapists in Temecula will alleviate the pain and help you to enjoy a more pain-free life. Contact our office in Temecula to schedule an appointment for massage therapy today.

Massage is Healing in Temecula

A deep tissue massage can restore the body’s ability to heal itself. These preventative measures are used by athletes and those recovering from an illness or injury. A massage can even lower stress levels and blood pressure. Receiving regular massages also improves depression and anxiety symptoms. The practitioners at IgniteRx Medical & Fitness in Temecula are trained massage experts and can advise on the proper course of therapy for chronic pain or a sports-related illness.

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IgniteRx Medical & Fitness is an integrative practice specializing in age management with emphasis on hormone optimization and regenerative medicine in Temecula. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our medical professionals at our office in Temecula about massage therapy services we offer.