HydraFacial Treatments in Temecula, CA

Are you tired of looking tired? Fed up with fine lines and wrinkles? If so, you should know that the unique process of HydraFacial treatment involves the removal of dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation in order to eliminate signs of fatigue and aging while hydrating the skin on the faces of Temecula residents.

The aging process can be different for everyone in Temecula and beyond, but the signs of aging typically show up on one’s face first. To combat signs of aging and pamper yourself, schedule a HydraFacial appointment with one of the skilled aestheticians at Temecula’s IgniteRx Medical & Fitness.

Face Forward in Temecula with a HydraFacial

If you want to put your best face forward, schedule an appointment for a HydraFacial at Temecula’s IgniteRx Medical & Fitness. A HydraFacial is a hydradermabrasion procedure that cleans, exfoliates, and extracts while hydrating the face and is non-invasive. The benefits of a HydraFacial include the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, skin texture, brown spots, oily skin, and enlarged pores. You’ll see the effects of your HydraFacial treatment after one session, but it is recommended to schedule at least six sessions with Temecula’s IgniteRx Medical & Fitness aestheticians in order to see long-lasting results.

Fight Back in Temecula with a HydraFacial Treatment

Though it might seem fruitless, don’t give up the battle with aging! A HydraFacial treatment from Temecula’s IgniteRx Medical & Fitness is a powerful way to combat lifeless, dull or congested skin. A HydraFacial wand uses “vortex technology” with spiralized tips to remove dirt and debris from pores; the result is beautifully hydrated skin. If a HydraFacial sounds right for you, contact Temecula’s IgniteRx Medical & Fitness skin experts today.

Face Up to What’s in Your Pores in Temecula

IgniteRx Medical & Fitness in Temecula offers HydraFacial treatments that involve a three-step process to achieve glowing skin, the three steps being: cleanse and peel, extract and hydrate, fuse and protect. With a combination of vortex pressure and a salicylic acid solution, the HydraFacial device suctions dirt as well as debris from pores, and in the end, clients can actually see what was removed. To see what’s hiding in your skin, schedule a HydraFacial treatment with Temecula’s trained dermatology professionals at IgniteRx Medical & Fitness.

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IgniteRx Medical & Fitness is an integrative practice specializing in age management with an emphasis on hormone optimization and regenerative medicine in Temecula. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our medical professionals at our office in Temecula regarding the aesthetician services we offer.