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Massage Therapy

IgniteRx Medical Fitness

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You might think of massage therapy as a luxury experience, but it can fit seamlessly into any wellness plan to improve circulation, reduce stress, and relieve musculoskeletal pain. At IgniteRx Medical Fitness in Temecula, California, our team of experts work with licensed massage therapists to offer massage therapy to their patients. Book your massage therapy consultation by calling IgniteRx Medical & Fitness or clicking the online booking tool today.

Massage Therapy Q&A

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a wellness service that promotes relaxation, stress relief, and pain management. There are many different types, and your massage therapist at IgniteRx Medical & Fitness can make recommendations based on your reasons for considering massage therapy.

During a massage therapy session, your massage therapist manipulates your deep and superficial tissues. This is usually done using their hands, but other methods don’t rely solely on manual manipulation.

What are my massage therapy options?

IgniteRx Medical Fitness offers a few different forms of massage therapy and other treatments that fall into the broader category of therapeutic tissue manipulation. These are but a few examples of the many different types of massage therapy available from expert massage therapists:

Deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage uses intense pressure with slow movements and strokes to reach the deepest layers of tissue. This is a great choice for musculoskeletal injuries and soreness. It relieves inflammation by increasing circulation. 

Sports massage

Sports massages are similar to deep tissue massages, but they’re more targeted to meet athletes’ needs. You can get a sports massage to improve your performance before an event or your recovery after an event. 

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is a treatment for trigger points, which are tight knots in your muscles and tissues. Your massage therapist applies direct pressure to your trigger points using their finger or another apparatus, like a needle, which helps release the trigger point and relieve pain. 

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a service that benefits nearly anyone, whether you experience musculoskeletal pain or not. There are lots of different physiological and psychological benefits of getting a massage, and you can get them regularly to improve your health and wellness.

Getting a massage, or getting them regularly, can:

  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Help heal sports injuries
  • Reduce anxiety and depression symptoms

Other services available at IgniteRx Medical Fitness, like wellness coaching or nutritional counseling, can work in tandem with massage therapy to improve your general well-being and health.

If you’re feeling sore, in pain, fatigued, or stressed, consider reviewing your options for massage therapy. Call IgniteRx Medical Fitness for a consultation or book online today.