Fitness Services

A 4,000 square foot CrossFit affiliate, IgniteRx Fitness offers classes targeting every ability level, from those just beginning CrossFit to the most elite Olympic lifter. Our athletes include everyone from elementary schoolers to active seniors.

Our fitness philosophy focuses on not only increasing our athletes’ strength and helping them build muscle, but also to provide extensive instruction on mobility and skills training, to help athletes perfect their form and reduce the risk of injury.

In addition to the CrossFit classes held several times throughout the day, we also offer private training sessions for individual athletes with specific needs and goals.

  • 79 South CrossFit

    Designed to build strength, improve mobility and stamina, and increase metabolism in a safe environment supervised by certified trainers.

  • Getting Started

    Learn how to get started with a complimentary physical assessment and movement screening by one of our certified trainers.

  • Private Training

    Our certified trainers can help you to improve skill and technique in the gym or meet specific physical fitness goals.

  • Classes

    CrossFit classes for every age, skill and fitness level.

  • Schedule

    Classes are offered several times each day, allowing you the chance to work around your schedule.

  • Membership

    Three levels of membership for every type of individual. No long-term contracts or sign-up fees.

  • Coaches

    Meet our experienced and certified CrossFit trainers and coaches.

  • Care Packages

    Affordable and all-inclusive wellness plans, designed to supplement basic medical insurance with integrative medical options.