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FDA Warns of Dangers of Synthetic Testosterone

On October 25th, the FDA began issuing new warnings on the labels of drugs used to treat testosterone imbalance. The FDA is quoted as saying:

“The new warning will alert prescribers to the abuse potential of testosterone and the serious adverse outcomes, especially those related to heart and mental health. [The warning label] is the latest in a series of actions the agency has taken to try to curb prescriptions of a product whose use has soared over the past decade, especially among middle-aged men.”

Unfortunately, media outlets, such as NBC News, have reported the FDA’s new warnings, as well as the adverse effects of testosterone use, but have failed to mention one very important piece to the puzzle.

The drugs the FDA have flagged as harmful are made from SYNTHETIC Testosterone Hormones!

Synthetic hormones are produced by pharmaceutical companies and are derived from numerous sources not natural to the human body. Studies have shown, for decades, that synthetic hormones can cause a number of potentially life-threatening health problems including blood clots, stroke, high blood pressure and even some cancers.

At IgniteRx, we specialize in Bio-identical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT) and do NOT prescribe synthetic hormones in any form! Bio-identical hormones are derived from plant sources and are identical to those naturally produced by the human body. BHRT is safe and effective, with no serious side effects, like those associated with synthetics.

When choosing a hormone specialist, it is crucial that they are using bio-identical hormones, or BHRT. If you are currently on hormone therapy, ask your doctor if the hormones are bio-identical or synthetict. Quite simply, your life may depend on it.

Learn more about bio-identical hormone restoration therapy or make an appointment with our office for a hormone consultation.

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